Audience Analytics

Targeted advertising by Leveraging Data to bid higher for the Right User.

We drive our traffic from over 1700+ apps where we can choose to target our audience based on their behaviour with any particular app, it is done by virtue of our "Audience Analytics". One Engine Platform is fed by a lot of data that majorly consists of user’s app mix therefore, giving us an overall idea of a user’s app preference. This also helps us to deliver first-look traffic which is very beneficial in terms of impression. Currently, we are delivering multiple campaigns on CPI/CPA/CPFT/CPO basis.

Proprietary Algorithms

Custom built Optimization algorithms by inhouse media buying experts enable us to acquire best users.

We combine proprietary ad tech with long-standing industry relationships to prioritize revenue at no cost to user experience. Our dedicated experts spend every day optimizing traffic and brokering deals with all major ad networks to ensure the success of our partners. One Engine’s proprietary algorithm automatically prioritizes the highest paying campaigns to over plethora of whitelisted sub-ids and also to some of the top mobile networks and exchanges to ensure performance in your app is always optimal. On top of that, we monitor your metrics meticulously to capture revenue opportunities that algorithms miss. We save you time and generate more revenue by optimizing every app in every geo, every day.

Bidshading Technology

Controlled costs using best-in class technology leading to high ROAS.

We help Bidders increase ROAS by providing Inhouse algorithm responsible for automated bid strategy. With the help of available algorithm, we can help analyse the historical data of 2nd price auction and help create strategy for first- price auction. We build a purchase model based on data like cost data, ad-size information, win rate, exchange from which the ad impression originates, URL of the ad impression, page or application from where the ad impression comes, accepted page category. Our algorithm work on data that is updated over time so that the Results provided by the algorithm are not outdated.

Creative Optimization

Wide range of creative options and priortising best converting creatives .

We prioritise best converting creatives ensuring maximum footfall. We use the best practices to ensure your Ad Viewability Score by positioning ads in the most optimal area for effective mobile viewability engagements. We adapt to the most ideal viewable impression metric, improving your overall ad specification by finding the best ad placement/size to use be it Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads, Rewarded Video Ads, Playable or Native Ads.


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