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One Engine Platform

At ONE ENGINE we are focused on building long-term relationships by securing the highest eCPMs, the biggest advertising budgets, and the most appropriate advertisers for our media partners.

One Engine

We help app publishers and developers turn their apps into successful businesses by using advanced data insights to identify relevant campaigns across direct and programmatic channels for each publisher’s unique users. The end result? High eCPMs & fill rates, engaged users, and reliable revenue

Unlike other partners that purchase ad inventory at a fixed CPM, thereby concealing their margins, we work with our publisher partners on a completely transparent revenue share model.

The digital landscape is a very complex one. Deciding between two different adservers? Wondering if you should work with an ad exchange? How many ad placements should you have, and what ad sizes work best with your design?

At ONE ENGINE, we like to take a consultative approach with our partners and are here to help you in every way, shape and form.


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